This article shows you A to Z information you need about Weight loss. It covers the mistakes peoples do while dieting, solution of your problem and possible suggestions to ensure you get rid of this problem completely. So, Stay tuned and get your relief NOW.

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Weight loss is the most common difficulty peoples dealing with. Over weight problem is increased tremendously with time. Being overweight is not just discomfort you but also harm your overall health.

There are many other problems occurs due to extra weight. Sometimes it becomes responsible for other diseases such as auto immune disease, diabetes, heart disease, brain fog etc.

Extra weight is mostly not a part of medical situation but it is result of your unbalanced life style. However sometimes the causes can be related to your medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance but still it can be controlled by having healthy life style.

General Trend in Weight Loss

Many people do whatever they can to lose their extra body weight but most of the time they end up disappointed. The main reason is that they do not care much about the main causes of their weight gain. So, if you don’t  know the cause of this problem how can you find solution??

There are two main reasons why you should understand the cause first and then act to be successful in your efforts.

If you follow any exercise or diet plan blindly you will not know what happens behind the scene with your body and you may not understand weather that really helps your body or not. Sometimes it adversely affects your body that you can end up suffering from other difficulties.

Like if you blindly follow an extreme diet plan that you’re not comfortable with it can cause Weakness and discomfort that can leads to severe health problems

If you’re following exercises you’re not comfortable with you may end up getting  muscle or bone pain some times.

So, it is very important to be aware of your own body health. As it is said HEALTH IS WEALTH. So, it’s worth your time to know it very well.


Common Mistakes You Do While Dieting

  1. Carbohydrate rich food

People normally get the idea of weight loss and dieting as of having low fat food so that their stored fat can burn and they will not store additional fat. BUT, the result does not go this way.

 But why??

Actually the problem is not fat rich food but the carb rich food. As long as you take carb food there is no chance of you lose weight.

 But why??

  • Well, body uses carbs as its primary energy source so as long as carbs are available to body it will not use fat as energy source
  • Second reason is, it actually increase the level of insulin in the blood which is fat storage hormone that actually increase your fat in following way.
  • It blocks secretion of fat from fat cells. So, it decreases the use of stored fat in your body.
  • It actually stimulates further storage of fat in your hips and belly area

2. Extreme Dieting


       As you start dieting you may have excitement of having your dream body and health as fast as possible. You want to see and feel the results in no time. So, what you will do is start extreme dieting without any balance and thinking that it will give you fast results. But, the results are reversed most of the time.

But Why??

  1. First reason is that it can harm your Digestive system

Extreme dieting can harm your digestive system and make it as that of an old person. So, now whatever you eat even it is in small amount your digestive system is not able to digest it as it normally do. So, your problem will not be solved however it may increase on the top of that. So, be careful.

  1. The second reason is it will break your will power.

It is seen most of the time that when you start dieting you may very excited initially. But, as time passes it just turning you off as there are extreme restrictions through weight loss food. Very soon you may become tired of same.So, you will not be able to stick to it for a very long time. You will be soon break your extreme restrictions that you made and will return to your old habits of eating. It will leave you with lots of regrets and desires.


Weight loss foods

  1. The third reason is regaining weight

Third reason is, even you lose some weight through extreme dieting as soon as you leave it you will start gain weight again. Have you noticed that before?? Well, this is because of the reason that your body thinks that the availability of food is less. So, as soon as you leave that diet your body starts storing food for next starvation. Making sense right??

So, what is the solution??

Well the perfect and scientifically tested and proven solution is KETO DIET


Weight loss diet

What is KETO DIET??

Keto diet is weight loss diet with moderate protein and high fat diet with no carbs included. This diet actually involves high fat. Means you can do dieting with cheese and butter. AM I SERIOUS??

Of course.

Here is the reason,

When you are on keto diet your body has no carbs as its primary energy source. So, it has to use fat as energy source. However your brain does not use fat directly. So, your liver turn fatty acids from fat into chemicals called ketones. That’s how you can achieve your goal so fast. You can use this phenomenon and lose your weight very fast and also enjoy it as it do not put much restrictions on your diet. So, that can be best weight lose tips.


Weight loss diet plan

How it can be BENEFICIARY??

  • It boosts fat burning than any other diet. So, you get more promising results than any other low fat high carb diet.
  • The most important benefit of this diet is that you do not feel tired or hungry because of your dieting. Actually, you quiet enjoy this diet as you will be able to eat tasty foods as part of your diet. So, you can easily stick to it
  • It actually improves your overall health and other problems related to it. It decreases insulin level in the blood that is very important for fat lose. It boosts your energy level. so, you feel more energetic than before.
  • It will also be beneficiary for you afterwards. As you will never feel hungry while following the diet. When you will not follow that you will never regain fat. As you might have seen in other cases.
  • You don’t need to spend hours on unpleasant exercises. Specially if you are unable to do much with your high weight. It really hearts physically and mentally as well. So, you can get rid of that as well.

So, from where will you GET your keto diet plane??

Well I have best option.


It is weight loss diet plan based on keto diet which includes A to Z solutions that you required to achieve your goal. It is already tested on thousands of people and you can try it too.

 What they provide??

  • You will get 8 week diet plan created by expert nutritionist, personal trainers and you will also get simple and testy recipes that you can cook by yourself created by expert chefs. Isn’t it great??
  • This diet plan will based on your food habits, daily activity also your weight loss goal. So, it will be personalized for every person according to your situation.
  • As mentioned before they will not only give you diet plan but also assure that you can follow that easily. So, they provide simple and testy recipes that you can easily make and achieve your goal. Even you don’t need any experience in cooking to make them.
  • They also provide a ready made weekly shopping list that you can download from their website so that you don’t have to worry about ingredient you need.
  • And at the end if you do not satisfied what you got, which do not normally happens, you can get your money back.

Is there anything that remaining??


So, Go and get it


Weight loss foods

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