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There are number of weight loss techniques available in the market, but no one is actually getting you to the root causes of the weight gain. Without knowing the causes you cannot achieve a fit body. Here are some of the root causes that are known by different scientific studies that we normally ignore. There are some natural weight loss medicine also which can help you to work through it.

Weight loss

weight loss

People think that Weight loss is very complex and hard task. There are number of methods and techniques which used by people who suffers with extra weight and other complications due to the same. But what is interesting to know that every weight loss technique is presented to be effective by presenter. But is that true??

Well the answer is YES and NO.

You can understand that not every medicine is useful for every disease. The same thing applies here. Every problem has their root causes. Without work on those causes you cannot get good results.

There are no of ways to lose weight like dieting, exercise, fasting, medicines and sometimes surgery in serious cases. So, which technique is useful for you??


Keto Diet

Many people gets good results with diet called Keto diet, which is low carb high fat diet. If you find yourself gaining extra weight and tried other diet like high carb and low fat diet and it did not work for you, you can try this.

It is very useful for many people who do not normally stick to their diet because of restrictions, as it involves high fat so it can be very easy to stick to that. It do not restrict you from eating delicious food.

 Keto Diet

Have you already used it and got no results then your condition might be more serious because you may have other root causes of extra weight not just diet. If it is the case stay tuned.

Well to know the answer you have to ask yourself some questions and find the answers before you go with any of these.

There are different reasons why you get extra weight. It may be your lifestyle, your carelessness and sometimes hormonal imbalance also. But the thing is not that easy. Many times it is the result of combination of all of them together.

Things are getting more interesting when it comes to observation not only your body but other people in your surroundings. For example extra weight is very common problem in America. American people are prone to get extra weight. Statics shows that from past 40-45 years it increased so much. But why it is related to certain geographical area??

Is it related to life style??

Certainly but lifestyle does not mean by food only. It includes other factors that affect us on very basic level of our body, hormonal level. I am talking about foreign chemicals that adversely affect the body and weight loss can be the only outcome that took note of.

Before going into the foreign chemicals that affects our hormones and overall health we need to understand the cycle of weight gain.

weight loss


Leptin is hormone that is secreted by fat cells into blood stream. When your fat secrets leptin, it gives signal to the brain that you are full and should stop eating now. But sometimes this process disturb by foreign chemicals. It is called Leptin Resistance. In this case your brain do not get signal that you are full. Now you do not stop eating and always starving for food.

Is It happening with you that even after having full mill you still not satisfied and want to eat more??

If yes, then you may also suffer with leptin resistance. In this case you may try to control yourself to not eat much but you can’t help it. You always starve for food. That is not your fault it is because of your leptin resistance.

leptin cycle


Well, there are many chemicals in our daily life that affects our endocrine (hormonal) system. These chemicals are called Endocrine Disrupting Chemical (EDC). These foreign chemicals interfere with our natural body functions and create problems.

EDC create effect the leptin hormone in the blood stream and create leptin resistance. Which leads to food starvation and ultimatety leads to extra weight gain, which not go away even after many efforts?

Which EDC affect LEPTIN??

There are many EDC source from where they get into your body. Some of them are…

BPA : – Almost all plastic canes and bottles contains this EDC. This way it get into your body very easily and can affect it adversely.

PFOA :- this EDC is easy to encounter with. It is found in Teflon cookware. When you cook in Teflon cookware this EDC goes into your body along with the food you cook into that cookware.

TBT :-  it is also another EDC which you closely encounter with. It is part of pesticides, paints and other vinyl derivatives.

There are many more endocrine disrupters. But what most important is how to get rid of their harmful effect. As there is no way to get complete shield from these as they are everywhere.

Yes it is true that these EDC are everywhere but still there are some people get affected by them more than others and some geographical areas affect is more than another. Why??

They may eat something that may protect them from adverse effect of these chemical that creates leptin resistance.

How can we resist the EDC??

There are many scientific research shows that many herbs can protect you from these EDC toxins. Some of those herbs are….

Marian Thistle.

Apium Graveolens Seed.

Chanca Piedra.

There are many other herbs that protect you and strengthen your immunity also.

Where will you get these herbs from??

You can find these many herbs in different parts of the world and include them in your routine.

There is a Weight loss medicine includes all these herbs is also present in market. Called leptitox



weight loss medicine

What is Leptitox??

It includes natural weight loss medicine that contain 22 different detoxifying plant extracts. It includes all the plants that is useful for the detoxifications of all the EDC that are responsible for  leptin resistance. Hence it is very useful and natural source to lose weight. It is also made up of plant extract so there is no harm as in case of other chemical based medicines.

It is also very affordable in price as compared to other costly medicines and powder use in weight loss.

If you are not getting any benefit from it they also provide money back guaranty.

So you can check that because they have provided this solution to more than 1,00,000 people and still helping others to get rid of their extra weight. And achieve the body and health of your dreams.

So, good luck!!

weight loss tablet


This way you may achieve your goal of perfectly fit body, mind and emotions by having that confidence back. The most important thing is to put some effort to learn and then put that knowledge into action. I hope you will.

Which weight loss technique you already used??

Did you get benefit from that??

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